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Software Support On-line Insight®

On-line Insight® in market and social researches

When it comes to market and social research, On-line Insite® is, due to innovative technologies, combination of field, telephone, and on-line data collection, capable to create reports quickly after data collection and to provide password protected online access to your research data, in real time - from any location, at any time.

This software enables ad hoc and continuous detailed monitoring of market and social aspects that are the assumption of strategic planning and better results in achieving the goals.

On-line Insight® gives clients a chance to follow the research process from data collection to research results, on our website through our on-line platform. These results can be presented for total data collection period, for a selected period of time, per cycles/waves or on the level of sub samples on a weekly basis. Also, results are presented through descriptive statistics of each question in percentages and absolute numbers of target population, with shown significance of differences for each result data. Besides total level, results are presented within all demographic and other relevant crossings and can be filtered according to different preferences of clients in order to see differences in behaviour or attitudes of different target groups as subsamples of investigated population.

On-line Insight® as business support

With On-line Insite® software it is significantly easier, faster and cheaper to create and view on-line databases, online survey data transfer between business units and centrals, making online survey orders, and recruitment of target groups.

On-line Insight® as tool for testing

On-line Insite® software is adapted for online testing in the selection of staff among job applicants and in all other fields of HR management (knowledge, motivation, work efficiency …) for testing participants of different courses (schools), as well as testing related to the preparation of entrance exams.

Right after the test is completed, candidates are automatically given the possibility to see which answers are correct and which are wrong, and clients, on the other hand, are automatically given the possibility to see the ranking of candidates, as well as statistics of all the answers from all candidates with the ability to cross off results by demographic and other relevant characteristics of candidates.

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