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Pro Positive ltd. is a company which collects and analyses data through market research projects and public opinion polls. Other than that, we are qualified for recruiting different target groups, for conducting a variety of online testing as well as telephone sale surveys. We are oriented on hiring persons with disabilities and because of this type of social responsibility in our activities we are eligible to practice vocational rehabilitation, work-enabling activities and to employ persons with disabilities.

Services we offer

Pro Positive is a company that offers a full range of services in collecting and analyzing of data with a focus on introducing and implementing new internet technology in the usual field of market and public research.

We are specialized in:

  • Recognizing short-term and long-term changes in behaviour, satisfaction and loyalty of consumers, which are important to business clients for improving market performances
  • Determining the mood of the public about important social issues based on which the creators of politics and public opinion can more easily develop and orient their social development strategies
  • Recruiting different target groups, conducting an array of online testing, online business support (online database, online survey data transfer between subsidiaries and head offices, online survey order form…)

Thanks to the usage of innovative technology, combination of field, telephone and online methods of collecting data, as well as to advanced software solutions for data processing and creating databases which show results simultaneously with the input of the data, our services help our clients in a qualitative, efficient, fast and simple way to achieve their goals.

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Additional benefits

In offering its services Pro Positive refers on additional benefits which clients can have in case of a business cooperation with this type of company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the new Law on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

According to Article 24 of above mentioned Law, the employer who has 20 to 49 employees is obligated to employ one disabled person and on every 50 employees that follow one more disabled person is to be employed. In case of violating these regulations according to this Law, the employer who does not employ a disabled person, is to pay a monthly fine that equals the amount of triple minimal wage for each disabled person that he did not employ.

However, in case of business cooperation with Pro Positive, because of the fact that Pro Positive is registered as a company for vocational rehabilitation and employing persons with disabilities, according to the abovementioned Law, the employer who doesn’t have the need to employ persons with disabilities is free from hiring disabled persons for 12 months, as well as paying the penalty for not hiring them, if he fulfils his obligations from the contract of business-technical cooperation with Pro Positive that are worth the amount of 20 average wages in the Serbian economy.

In favour of cooperation with Pro Positive, as a company for vocational rehabilitation and employing persons with disabilities, is also the Clause 11 of the Article 24 of the Public Procurement Law which gives to partner companies the possibility to conduct public procurement through negotiated procedure of goods or services without issuing a call for competition and tender documents.


We hereby call upon companies, institutions and establishments, local communities and civil sector which are creating their strategies and achieving their business or/and social politics, strategies and objectives to cooperate with Pro Positive which is going to enable top quality of collected data and analyses, create image of social responsible company, as well as offer significant price conveniences derived from law benefits.

Feel free to contact us so you can be informed in details about our services and schedule a meeting to discuss future cooperation.


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