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Researches Sectors: Social research

Pro Positive conducts social research and public opinion surveys in all social spheres: from research of transition, standard of living, democracy, education, civil sector, through research for political campaigns, conflicts solving, research related to social responsibilities, union organizing, to surveys about social inclusion, poverty, status of minorities and their rights, the needs of people with disabilities, trafficking, as well as research relate to the orientation of young, medical care, employment, media, social values and work evaluation of public institutions and institutes as well as local municipalities and their administration.


Applying its methodology Pro Positive is specialized to determine in the social sphere:

  • Changes in perceptions and orientation
  • Intentions and preferences
  • Experience and attitudes
  • The level of social awareness
  • Familiarity and interests of the public for some of the social problems
  • Readiness for social activism
  • Degree of social articulation and organization
  • Reactivity of target groups
  • Support or opposition towards some community events and initiatives
  • Human capital
  • Social values
  • Recognizing and evaluations of campaigns
  • The image of social and political actors
  • Motivators and barriers of attitudes and behaviour
  • Share and segmentation of supporters and opponents (towards specific ideas, politics and political parties)


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