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Researches Approach: Classical methods of research

Pro Positive in its offer has both standard and traditional research methods.
Clients can choose to use conventional quantitative and qualitative methodologies:

  1. Quantitative face-to-face (F2F) research
  2. Qualitative Research - Focus Groups
  3. Qualitative Research – In-depth Interview

Quantitative face-to-face (F2F) research

Data collection on the field, with filling in respondent’s answers in a printed questionnaire is still required where surveys are long and complex, where the role of the interviewer in direct communication with respondent has complex form and content. One of the biggest advantages of face-to-face approach is the length of the questionnaire, unlike telephone interviewing; this type of research can provide plenty of data to work with because the questionnaire can last up to 20, 30 and even 45 minutes. That’s the reason why sometimes this type of quantitative research is the best way to collect insights about client's target group.

Qualitative research – Focus Groups

Focus groups are ideal for understanding the needs, motivation and prejudice of research participants. Whenever there is a question “why“, focus groups are the most adequate technique for collecting deep qualitative insights about research issues.

Focus groups are useful because they bring together research participants with different life experiences to comment, discuss and debate on a particular topic. Group discussion has special significance, because it makes a real polemical ambient, so that any comment of one member of the group is the subject of analysis of other members and it has to be confirmed (if it is considered to be right) or criticized (if it is atypical in some respects). It is this moment of collective dynamics that stays an irreplaceable tool in the analysis of deep drivers of any market and/or social behaviour.

In addition, a moderator in the focus group uses a range of projective techniques, method of personification, the first associations, imaginable techniques, mapping and collages...

Pro Positive has a team of experienced moderators supported by recruitment that ensures optimal selection of focus groups participants.

Qualitative Research – In-depth Interview

In-depth interviews are used when the subject of research is very sensitive issue or when we need opinions of exclusive target groups. In business-to-business (B2B) research, in-depth interviews can be the only option due to dispersion of the participants within the country or geographical region.


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