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Professional Standards

The team of Pro Positive is obliged to all professional rules and procedures related to collection, processing and analysis within all research phases. Our team consists of experienced researchers, sociologists, psychologists, political scientist, statisticians and economists who have developed their careers in reputable national and international research agencies, reputable institutions, specialized institutes and universities.

Our basic and most important professional standards are:

  • The highest quality and reliability of research in the shortest possible time at affordable prices with applying innovative and sophisticated solutions to support clients' objectives.
  • Research practice based on a number of experienced researchers, good technical infrastructures and advanced research techniques to understand and predict the behaviour of different target groups.
  • Permanent monitoring of the current scientific trends and developments in the field of research and continuous implementation of innovative and advanced research methods.
  • Total commitment to the goals of clients.
  • Flexibility in collaboration with clients and adapting research projects to their specific needs.
  • Strict compliance with the rules for quality control.
  • Transparency and openness for discussion with clients at all stages of research from creating research approach and data collection, to data processing, analysis and recommendations.