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Using MS Power BI, we can prepare visualizations of your data and business indicators for you to greatly facilitate and enhance your business!

MS Power BI (business intelligence) is a powerful analytics tool that helps companies of all sizes analyze data and gain insights into their business, quickly and in detail, as they have been unable to do so far. With this technology, companies can more closely monitor their businesses on easy-to-use dashboards, also available on all devices. Here are the key features of MS Power BI that will facilitate and enhance your business:

Personalized Dashboard

Power BI lets you create personalized Dashboards, interactive reports, visualizations and geo-maps, with the ability to combine data from almost any application or data source (literally, it's hundreds of options), no metter it's data on the cloud or locally. So all the same, whether it's EXCEL, CSV, PDF, GitHub, Mail Chimp, SharePoint, Google Analytics... or social media, Power BI has the ability to display all sources in a unified and interacting manner.

API key

All you need is to access your company data with Power BI, most commonly with an API key, and if your organization already uses Microsoft systems (like Office 365), integration with Pover BI is even simpler.

Real-time analysis

Analysis is possible in real time, so that insight into the latest data, gives you the opportunity to record and analyze trends in relevant market performance indicators and to optimize business decisions in a record time.

Q & A

Sometimes the fastest way to get an answer from your data is by asking questions, which is exactly what the Q&A feature enables, so Power BI with this feature is a big leap for those in companies working on business intelligence solutions.

PBI templates

In addition, it should be emphasized that we are here to create the Power BI Template in accordance to yor wish, and to give it to you to use it for all past and future data in way all callculation and visualisation will be done automatically.

Anonymous data structure

You do not even need to make your real data available to us, it is enough to deliever us anonymous structure of the data. This fact is especially important in the context of the often present fear of companies that their trade secrets and data confidentiality may be misused, so within this option you can be 100% sure there is no chance you will loose your exclusive ownership under your business data.


Excel and PPT reports do not provide sufficiently fast and detailed insight into the state of key metrics that are essential for better performance. MS Power BI technology will pay off in record time, so please contact us.


Example - world food production data


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