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Pro Positive conducts market research in all commercial areas, from market research about different categories of food, beverages, tobacco industry, through research in the field of tourism, automotive industry, corporate social responsibility, to the research related to telecommunication, finance, insurance, advertising…


Applying its methodology Pro Positive is specialized to determine the primary key business indicators for clients and other relevant information necessary for improvement of their market position:

  • The size of the market (no. of people)
  • Маrket share (no. of people)
  • Brand preferences
  • Place of purchase
  • Purchase intention
  • Purchase consideration
  • Preference of packaging
  • Type of purchased packaging share
  • Recognition and evaluation of the campaign
  • Recognition and evaluation of promotion
  • Price sensitivity
  • Overall consumer satisfaction
  • Overall brand loyalty
  • Segmentation of consumers
  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand strength
  • Motivators and barriers to purchase
  • Purchasing habits
  • Brand image
  • Advertising research and campaigns
  • Consumer expectations
  • Consumer experience
  • Loyalty of the consumers
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Price optimization
  • Concept testing
  • Lifestyle


Ključni indikatori poslovanja

Key Performance Indicators also known as KPIs or Key Success Indicators – KSIs help each business organization to define and measure success in achieving its objectives and business goals.

When an organization determines its mission, identifies all stakeholders and defines its goals, it needs a way to evaluate progress in achieving these goals. Key Performance Indicators represent required method of measuring.

Key Performance Indicators are measures that can be quantified, they are specified in advance and represent the key success factors of a business organization. They differ from one to another organization and in most cases they can be operationalized based on inputs resulting from research with target groups.


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