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Researches Approach: On-line Research


Self-filling is suitable in case of research with employees, the evaluation of conferences, workshops, meetings… in schools, faculties, when head office wants to find out about the work of its branches ..…in all cases when the target groups have access to Internet via computers or mobile phones. For example, companies can easily, in just one day, determine opinion of its employees about any question which is relevant for the company.

Self-filling is possible:

  • Directly on our site
    If conditions allow individuals from target population to visit our website and fill out the questionnaire.
  • From the link sent in the e-mail
    If there is available the database with e-mails of individuals from target groups, which allows to send them e-mails with link to survey form through which the survey is simply self filled by respondents.


In addition to the general advantages of our online research, this kind of approach is characterized by very low price.



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